The Seam Tools Return

A short blog this week with just one major announcement to make.

As mentioned elsewhere on this website I’m pleased to announce that we have now re-opened the online sales of IPMS (UK) Seam Tools. After much testing and checking we have a viable sales portal to work with. For convenience, here is a direct link:  Seam Tools

These tools have proved to be a popular addition to our merchandise range and we have been working hard to re-establish our online sales portal to satisfy that demand, especially as modellers have not been able to buy them at the many model shows we would normally attend each year.

If you are not familiar with the concept, the tools are designed to assist with the removal of seam lines and join lines during model construction.

Seam Tool #1 can be used on circular parts such as gun barrels, undercarriage legs and indeed any other circular profile object. The value in using them is that you can remove the seam without damaging the circular profile of the part. If you use a knife blade or a file, it is very easy to end up with a flat area where the seam used to be.

Seam Tool #2 takes the concept a little further and offers a series of separate ‘paddles’ with different curved profiles. These are designed to assist with the removal of seams inside a curved area. Examples include the underside of a wheel arch, the intake of a jet engine or any recessed, curved profile.

If you don’t already have them (or if you want to buy more) then you once again have the opportunity to do so.

John Tapsell
IPMS (UK) Publicity Officer