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    • Want to remove seams from gun barrels?
    • Reinstate right angles?
    • Smooth down fuselage joint lines?
    • Remove seams from inside complex engine intakes?
    • Smooth awkward mould lines under wheel arches on vehicles?
    • Reinstate internal corners?
    • Access hard-to-reach imperfections?

Then these are the tools for you!

You may have seen this sort of tool before, but these have been designed and manufactured in the UK to our own specification, using 0.25mm stainless steel. The metal is robust enough and the edge sharp enough to gently scrape away an offending seam whilst minimising the risk of damage to the curved or angled kit parts.  The tools have a flat metal profile and each edge is profiled, incorporating a series of different radius curves along with several commonly used angles.  Using the appropriate curve or angle, you can smooth off seam lines and joint lines on plastic models without damaging the existing curvature of the parts.


These are sanding files manufactured from tempered glass and have an abrasive surface that, if properly cared for, will last far longer than a typical abrasive paper or sanding stick.

The Glass File is currently out of stock but we are considering whether to purchase a new batch. We have to purchase a minimum of 500 so we would like to gauge how much interest there is for further sales.


This tool is designed so that modellers can find the centre of almost any small to mid-sized circular object such as a wheel, where the centre has not been marked. Place your wheel (or other circular object) underneath the tool, resting between the folded-down tabs. Using the slot, draw a line across the wheel with a pencil. Next, rotate the wheel through approximately 90 degrees and draw another line across the wheel.  The point at which the two lines intersect is the centre of the wheel.

IPMS(UK) Tools are available online, with payment via credit card or debit card.  Prices (February 2024) are:

    • Seam Tool #1 delivered to a UK address – £7
    • Seam Tool #2 delivered to a UK address – £8
    • Glass File #3 delivered to a UK address – £4
    • Wheel Centering Tool  #4 delivered to a UK address – £8

Please note:

    • IPMS(UK) is unable to accept orders from outside the UK.
    • You cannot have more than 4 tools in one order.  If you require more contact for a special delivery quote.
    • Secure credit card processing is handled by Stripe.  We no longer use PayPal for processing.

Simply complete the form below to place your order (may take a second or two to load):

Other ways to order

Seam Tools are also available from the IPMS Membership stand at various shows around the UK, priced at just £6 for Seam Tool #1, £7 for Seam Tool #2, £3 for the Glass File #3 and £7 for the Wheel Centering Tool #4.

It is also possible to purchase via mail order by sending a cheque made payable to IPMS(UK) to the Publicity Officer at 5 Ashlands, Lea Road, Hixon, Staffs ST18 0NQ.   (Prices the same as for online.)