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25th September 2018: Online deliveries of the IPMS Seam Scraper tool have been suspended because we are out of stock.  Demand for the tool has been extremely high and continues to exceed our expectations.

If you order online please be aware that there is likely to be a 3-4 week waiting time until the new batch of tools is delivered to us and we can fulfil your order. As soon as we have more tools in stock we will announce it here.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Product Details

You may have seen this sort of tool before, but these have been designed and manufactured in the UK to our own specification.

  • Want to remove seams off gun barrels? – some of the smaller radius profiles will be ideal
  • Need to smooth the joint lines on a fuselage? – the larger profiles will do the job for you
  • Have a right-angle that needs to be reinstated? – this tool has the angles that you’ll needIPMS-UK Seam Tool Pack Shot

The 0.25mm stainless steel tool is roughly the size of a credit card.  The metal is robust enough and the edge sharp enough to gently scrape away the offending seam whilst minimising the risk of damage to the curve or angle kit parts.

The tool has a flat metal profile and each edge is profiled, incorporating a series of different radius curves along with several commonly used angles.  Using the appropriate curve or angle, you can smooth off seam lines and joint lines on plastic models without damaging the existing curvature of the parts.

The Seam Scaper can also be used to reinstate the curve or angle of a part if it has been damaged or if you have filled a join or an imperfection in the part.

IPMS-UK Seam Tool


The prices quoted below include the tool AND delivery
  • Seam Scraper ordered online and delivered to a UK Address = £6.00
  • Seam Scraper ordered online and delivered to an address in the European Union = £7.00
  • Seam Scraper ordered online and delivered to an address outside the EU (i.e. the Rest of the World) = £8.00


To order your Seam Scraper:

  • First make payment to via PayPal to, using the “Pay for goods and services” option, and not “Transfer to friends and family”
  • Please ensure the delivery address you have set up on PayPal is correct.
  • Please also add a Note in PayPal, saying “Seam Scraper”
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  • Please allow up to 14 days for delivery
Warranty and Returns
  • If you have any problems with your Seam Scraper, please contact
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