Membership Prices

Prices per year of membership of IPMS(UK)

Due to the cost of posting the magazine, there are different prices depending on whether you live in the UK, or in the rest of Europe, or in the rest of the world.

Membership fees are annual.

Click here to open the price list  (PDF, opens in a new tab)

Family Members

  • Family members must all live at the same address

Direct Debit

  • “Not Direct Debit” means payment by cheque, postal order, credit card or debit card
  • “Direct Debit” means payment by the UK banking industry’s Direct Debit system
  • Direct Debit is only available after the first year’s membership
  • Direct Debit is only possible if you have a UK bank account

UK, European and Rest of World Membership

  • Membership fees depend on the postal address on your membership
  • This is because of the postal costs for the magazine
  • So, for example, if you are a US citizen, but you have a permanent UK address to which we can send the magazine, then you can have UK membership
  • If in doubt, please contact the Membership Secretary


  • Codes in the price list are those used by the IPMS(UK) membership administration system at membermojo
  • Correct as of  1st January 2021