Update on the AGM and Seam Tool News

Back in March we had to postpone our AGM. Government guidance issued at the time strongly recommended that any company due to run an AGM should either postpone it or run it electronically. Our membership covers a broad spectrum of ages and IT competence levels so when it comes to running such an event entirely online, it was clear that the latter option was a non-starter.

Instead, we asked the membership to approve an interim extension to the terms of office of any existing EC members until such time as we could run an AGM. We received overwhelming support for that course of action – ironically, it generated more responses from the members than the average number of votes we receive for an AGM!

We’ve now reached a stage when we feel we should move the process forward so after a discussion this weekend, we’ve decided to go ahead and issue the AGM Booklet to all members via post and undertake the Election of Officers entirely by postal vote. We will hold over the Resolutions that would have been discussed and voted on this year until 2021. Thus, the AGM booklet will contain just the 2019 Accounts, all the Officer’s Reports, Election addresses, voting form and the usual administrative processes such as re-appointing our Accountants for a further year.

Members should receive the updated AGM booklet and voting form by post in early July and we will be asking that votes be returned within a 30 day period of the date of issue. The precise date will be notified in the AGM documents you receive. The Executive Committee are due to meet in late August for a scheduled Board Meeting and at that point we will collate the votes and announce the results shortly thereafter.

It’s not a process that we are entirely happy with because it goes against the tradition of a formal AGM that members can attend. However, it resolves a number of short-term issues and hopefully puts us back on track for 2021 when (we hope) normal service will be resumed.

On a more positive note, when I started these weekly blogs I said that we were hoping to get the online sales of Seam Tools up and running again. It’s taken somewhat longer than planned but we are currently testing the new shopping cart system and if all goes according to plan, sales will resume within the next week. We have good stocks of both Seam Tool #1 and Seam Tool #2 available.

We’ve also started work on a prototype for a new tool – more news on that when it gets closer to a viable product.

On the Scale ModelWorld front we have nothing further to report this week. We had a long discussion about it this weekend and at the moment there is no reason to cancel the event. It will be obvious to most of you that the show is unlikely to follow the standard SMW format but the exact nature of the show will be driven by the Government guidance that continues to be issued on a semi-regular basis. We will review those guidelines regularly as we head towards the end of August and towards the point at which we have to make a decision on the viability of SMW.

John Tapsell
IPMS (UK) Publicity Officer