(Not much of) an update on Scale ModelWorld.

I thought I’d provide a quick update on planning for Scale ModelWorld in this blog. To be honest it’s more a case of “nothing’s changed” but a bit of commentary is necessary given some government announcements at the end of last week.

In a further easing of Covid restrictions, indoor event venues and conference centres are being permitted to re-open for business. There are some provisos to that announcement such as organisers and venues being able to ensure a ‘covid-free environment’ before events can go ahead (exactly what that means is anyone’s guess at this point). Nonetheless it is an interesting move.

What does it mean for IPMS (UK) and Scale ModelWorld? Virtually nothing at this stage. We’d already been planning for a range of scenarios and although this is a change of policy on venues, it has no immediate impact. With three months still to go until the Scale ModelWorld dates, there are far too many variables in play for us to be able make a final decision on whether the show will take place.

There will be those who say that we should have cancelled it already but you must remember that IPMS (UK) has a contract with The International Centre (TIC) which imposes a number of obligations on us around early cancellation, not least of which is a hefty financial penalty if we do so. Conversely, if we don’t cancel at this stage, the contract gives us much greater flexibility in terms of the size and format of the show we can plan for.

On that basis, we are still targetting the end of August as the point at which we have to make a call on whether the show goes ahead and if so, in what form. That is the point at which we have to commit our final payment to TIC and it is also the point at which we normally ask the traders to pay the rest of their booking fees.

Issue 4 of the IPMS (UK) Magazine will be delayed this year. It would normally be published in mid-August, but with such a critical decision over Scale ModelWorld due at the end of that month, holding the publication date for a couple of weeks will give us the opportunity to inform all members about the decision we’ve made. Issue 5 of the Magazine wouldn’t reach members until late October and that is clearly too late to announce a decision of this magnitude.

John Tapsell

IPMS (UK) Publicity Officer