Overlooking the Obvious

I have have very little to report my blog entry last week. The new edition of the IPMS (UK) Magazine should be dropping onto your doorsteps at the moment so hopefully you’ll find something of interest inside it. Even if the articles may not be immediately appealing then it’s worth taking a look at them. I was looking for some information late last week on how to create some metal cabling with eyelets at both ends. It occurred to me that anyone used to rigging biplanes might be able to help but it had never thought to read the article by Dave Hooper in the latest magazine – the information I needed was right under my nose and I’d missed it completely until some fellow IPMS Facebook users pointed me in the right direction.

One the other tasks I have relates to the upcoming AGM. I’m currently proof reading the AGM booklet before it goes to press (primarily because I haven’t been involved in its preparation and I’m a fresh pair of eyes). There are times when everything seems to arrive together. However much you plan and schedule things so that they fit neatly together in a logical timescale, minor delays here and there always conspire to mean that those supposedly discrete projects all come crashing through the door at once.

I’ve got the same issue at work, partly as a result of delays caused by coronavirus tasks taking priority and partly just because I should know better than to assume that my best-laid plans were going to work – no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy as they say.

Enough grumbling – I have a modelling programme too and at least that is rarely driven by deadlines and targets. Each project proceeds at its own pace and on that front I’m really happy with the progress I’ve been making. I had some custom made decals delivered last week and I’ve been experimenting with them. I’m fortunate that I can create the necessary artwork myself so I was able to supply ‘camera-ready’ artwork to the printer. I often print my own decals using my inkjet printer but that isn’t an option if you need decals with white in the design. Instead I had to have them printed by a third party.

The new decals feed into a project that already includes a far more ambitious scenic base than I’ve ever tried before and my first attempt at creating some water effects (a river). All the various components are ready now so all that is left to do is build up the courage to put them all together on the base, knowing that three months of work could be ruined by a single wrong move…

A brief update regarding online sales of Seam Tools. We’re testing the software at the moment but it’s thrown up a couple minor glitches. Peter Readman, our Webmaster, has been hard at work trying to resolve the issues and we think we’re nearly there – stay tuned for more news.

John Tapsell

IPMS (UK) Publicity Officer