Planning for Scale ModelWorld

It is perhaps inevitable that as other model shows are cancelled deeper and deeper into the year that the future of this year’s Scale ModelWorld continues to raise its head. At this point in time, Scale ModelWorld is still seven months away and from a practical perspective IPMS (UK) doesn’t need to make any final decision on whether or not we run the event until well into August.

I’ve seen a variety of speculation over the past couple of weeks about what is, and is not, going to be possible by the time we reach November. Very little of it is based on anything resembling facts or figures, not least because those facts and figures simply don’t exist. I thought therefore that it would be worth re-stating the current position of IPMS (UK) in relation to Scale ModelWorld 2020.

As of today (3rd May 2020), we are fully intending to run Scale ModelWorld as scheduled on 7th and 8th November 2020. We have built a really good relationship with the venue over the past 22 years and remain in contact with them on a regular basis. They are themselves closed at the present time and have no clearer idea of what the future holds than we do.

We continue to plan for Scale ModelWorld on the basis that it will take place. All the tasks we normally undertake at this time of year are ongoing. As noted above, IPMS (UK) can proceed on the current trajectory until mid-late August before we reach a point where we have to make a final decision on the viability of this year’s show.

I have to emphasise that we are not blind to the potential obstacles in our way and neither are we being financially reckless at this stage of the year – August is the point at which we are due to make those significant financial commitments and thus the point at which we will make a final decision.

Scale ModelWorld is the largest model show in the UK and arguably in the world. It is one of the most significant annual events in our hobby for both members of IPMS and the wider modelling public. We all need something to look forward to, something that will demonstrate that life has returned, or is returning to something like normal. To continue planning for the event is an article of faith, a commitment to moving forwards rather than wallowing in the present and all the challenges it presents. We are very conscious that Scale ModelWorld may well be one of the few major modelling events that takes place in the remaining months of 2020 so we will try our hardest to run it as planned.

Circumstances may prevent us from achieving that aim, or they may mean that we have to change the way we operate the show in November. It may have to be a smaller show, or a more spread out show for example, but if we can find a way to run a viable model show, in line with any restrictions that are still in place at that point, then we certainly aim to do so.

There is of course a quid pro quo. If there are restrictions still in place but we are able to run Scale ModelWorld in some form, then it is important that visitors, exhibitors and traders commit to abiding by those restrictions. None of us will like the restrictions; some of them may prove a challenge to achieve, but more than ever we will all need a level of good will, tolerance and patience from everyone involved in making Scale ModelWorld a successful event.

John Tapsell
IPMS (UK) Publicity Officer

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