The Really Wild SIG

What Counts As “Really Wild”?
This SIG is for kits and dioramas focussing on animals (both real, historical and fantastical), beasts and the natural environment. Relevant kits may be plastic, resin or white metal (in line with IPMS general policy, we make allowances for the use of metal in many wargaming miniatures).
Acceptable subjects include:
✅ Animal figures, both real, historical (e.g. dinosaurs), and mythical (e.g. dragons)
✅ Figures that include an animal as a major component,(e.g a mounted cavalryman on a horse, a falconer with a bird, a witch with their familiar)
✅ Anthropomorphic beasts and human/animal hybrids, such as a centaur, a mermaid, a werewolf or a cat-person.
✅ Dioramas of any subject as long as nature/wildlife is the main theme, e.g. an overgrown crashed aircraft, a tank being taken over by a swamp, a person fishing in a lake, etc.
We do not accept:
❌ Subjects that only have an animal in their name, such as a “tiger tank” or a “hawk are plenty of other SIGs dedicated to aircraft, tanks and suchlike, please support one of those accordingly.
❌ Similar to the above, anything that only has animal markings, images or logos on it. Tiger stripes on an aircraft are cool, but not relevant to this group.
❌ Figures who are only dressed as animals, or have animals in their names, rather than being animals. Batman, Catwoman, The Crow and Wolverine are all very cool, but they don’t belong here - however, a man-bat, an actual feline-woman, a feathered type of crow or a literal wolverine are most welcome!
These rules may be updated as the group develops. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact one of our friendly a

SIG Leader
Gem Atherton
SMW No. of 6 foot frontage units (double-depth tables)