SMW Kit Swap Arrangements

Alfie Bass writes:
Just a heads up to let everyone know that the Kit Swap instructions and sales sheets are now on the SMW kitswap page. There are the 2 versions of the sales sheet – a form that will only allow you to type into the grey boxes and a PDF document just in case. If you use the form and the grey lines at the bottom of each sheet start to creep upwards, please use the PDF version as the accountants/Treasurer need me to show the sales for each sheet (apparently makes things easier to ratify).

It would also make it easier for us to book your kits in if you’re able to keep your kits in some sort of numerical order.

I have also arranged for a temporary booking in table for the Saturday morning. This will be sited immediately inside the main entrance to the Centre. Just look for the sign and a minion in yellow.

Regards, Alfie