Scale ModelWorld 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why has Scale Model World 2020 been cancelled?

Scale ModelWorld has been cancelled this year because IPMS (UK) and The International Centre at Telford do not feel that it will be possible to hold a viable show with the current social distancing restrictions in in place. We are also unable to predict when or if those restrictions might increase or decrease from one week to the next as local and national circumstances change.

Why has the decision to cancel been delayed until late August when many other shows cancelled months ago?

IPMS (UK) delayed the decision to cancel Scale ModelWorld for several reasons:

  • We were unsure how long any restrictions might remain in place and therefore did not want to cancel if a reasonable opportunity remained to hold the show.
  • We have a multi-year contract with the venue owners which meant we would have been faced with significant cancellation fees if IPMS (UK) had cancelled the show any earlier. It would also have negated the whole contract and made it more difficult to guarantee the dates and times of any future shows.
  • The contract we have with the venue allows us a lot of flexibility in terms of how much space we can book so by not cancelling any earlier, it remained a real possibility that we could successfully run a smaller event.
  • The staff at the venue had all been furloughed when the venue closed down in late March and IPMS (UK) was therefore unable to hold any formal discussions with the venue about the show. We were able to maintain informal contact with them but that did not mean we could make any substantive decisions.
  • We have been able to reach agreement with the venue that allows us to cancel the 2020 event without financial penalty, but also to put in place a new contract that locks in the venue and dates for an additional three years.
Will Scale ModelWorld 2021 go ahead?

At this stage is it impossible to guarantee that Scale ModelWorld (or any other show) will go ahead in 2021. However, IPMS (UK) and the venue now have the opportunity to plan extensively for a show in November 2021 and also to be able to gain experience from the way other, similar events may be run between now and next November. We have confirmed our booking with The International Centre for 13th and 14th November 2021 and will make every effort to run the event.

Will traders who have booked space for Scale ModelWorld 2020 get a refund for their booking?

Traders who have already booked space for Scale ModelWorld 2020 have the opportunity to either:

  • Carry over their existing booking/deposit to the 2021 event. IPMS (UK) will honour the 2020 booking rates for any traders who carry their bookings over to 2021.
  • Cancel their booking and request a refund on any deposit or monies that have already paid to IPMS (UK). As soon as we have made some decisions on how we intend to run the 2021 event, we will re-open the booking window for traders.
Will people who have made hotel bookings receive a refund?

IPMS (UK) has no control over this matter and you will need to contact the hotel or accommodation where you have made your booking.