UPDATED – Coronavirus and the AGM

The Board of IPMS UK are monitoring the situation with regard to the constantly evolving situation with regard to COVID-19, which is having dramatic effects across all facets of our lives.  As I’m sure you will all appreciate things are changing very rapidly but we want everyone to be aware of our current plans as they stand.

As previously announced, the Annual General Meeting has been postponed by our own decision and also the closure of the venue.  There is no timescale by which we can reliably plan to reschedule the meeting.  Therefore we will send out the booklet and voting form as normal and invite the Membership to express their votes by post or scanning and emailing the voting form with no physical meeting taking place.


Please understand this is not something we do lightly, but given the situation it is the best option available to us to meet both our obligations as a company and also a Members’ Society, as it is essential that, for example, we vote in board members to form the Executive Committee for the next twelve months.

Given the possibility of postal delays, and in order to make sure that all Members have the chance to participate in this, we will extend the deadline for voting to 31 May 2020.

We will of course provide updated information as and when we have it, but in the meantime, we hope that our hobby – and Society – will be able to contribute to the coming difficult periods by providing a positive activity for those forced to remain indoors for periods.

Very best regards

Paul Regan

President, IPMS UK