SMW Floor Plans 2019

Click for enlarged version (PDF file)
Click for enlarged version (PDF file)

These plans are for 2019 and provided as an example of the size and layout of Scale ModelWorld.  The plans for the next SMW will doubtless differ, and will be available nearer the event.

Click the links below for Scale ModelWorld exhibitor lists and floor plans

All exhibitors and plans as at 20th October 2019, and may be subject to change.   Plans are not to scale.

Hall 1 Floor Plan (PDF)

Hall 2 Floor Plan (PDF)

Hall 3 and Foyer Floor Plan (PDF)

Traders booked

Trader and Miscellaneous locations on floor plan (PDF)

UK Branches booked

Special Interest Groups booked

UK Branch and SIG locations on floor plan (PDF)

Overseas Exhibitors booked    (All located in the Overseas Area in Hall 3)