Executive Committee nominations for 2023

With Scale ModelWorld 2022 just gone, the membership may wonder how the event comes about and who organises the show.  The show does not happen unless the members volunteer for jobs at SMW, and those volunteers need to be co-ordinated by the Executive Committee (EC) of the Society.

You will see these people at the event, and they are easy to spot as the will be wearing yellow polo shirts with their role and job title emblazoned on their shirt. The members of the EC are members of the society first and foremost, and volunteer for their role on the EC.  They are also directors of the company that is IPMS(UK).

The EC is made up of twelve members who serve the whole society and are responsible for the running of the society daily, including SMW.  As directors of the company, they do have to be elected to these positions by the membership, and every year at the Annual General Meeting of the Society is where this usually takes place.

There are some conditions that are required by law to become a director of the society, and these can be explained by any member of the EC or by looking on the web site.  But one factor that must take place before any voting can start and that is nomination to a role on the EC.

All nominations for roles on the EC must have the support and backing of two other members and they must be nominated before the end of the previous year.  I am therefore highlighting this now because nominations for next year’s AGM must be given to myself by December 31st of this year.

There are 5 positions on the Executive Committee due for re-election next year as their 2-year term of office has expired:

Should any member wish to stand in next year’s election they will have to complete a nomination form (click here) and ensure that it is with me by the end of the year.  Or should any member wish to have more information on these roles they can email me at secretary@ipmsuk.org or come and chat to me or any other EC member in a yellow shirt at SMW, where we can give a more in-depth idea on the roles and responsibilities of the Society.

Tony Horton, Honorary Secretary, IPMS(UK)


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