Kit Swap at SMW

What is the Kit Swap?

Scale ModelWorld 2016 - Kit Swap items - Photo John Tapsell
Scale ModelWorld Kit Swap items

The Kit Swap is an area set aside at Scale ModelWorld for the exclusive use of IPMS members (both UK and Overseas) to sell off their surplus modelling items and replaces the under table sales seen at provincial model shows.

The term ‘swap’ is used because it’s always been that way, but nothing gets ‘swapped’ apart from bargains for cash.

Branch and SIG Secretaries should note that under table sales will be prohibited in all the main Halls and this will be rigorously enforced by the Hall Managers.

The following information refers to Kit Swap 2019; full details for the next SMW will be available nearer the event


  • The Kit Swap area is run by a team of IPMS volunteers and will be located in the Ludlow Suite adjacent to Hall 1 and the catering area.
  • Additionally, there will be a temporary booking-in table on Saturday morning sited in the cordoned off area adjacent to the main concourse.
  • There will be no thoroughfare for those wishing to gain access to the Competition Area.
  • IPMS members will be allowed preferential access during the first half of each day before opening to all visitors thereafter
  • Queueing is inevitable during the first half of Saturday, but we try to minimise this with 3 cashiers on duty (2 for those purchasing 10 items or less and the other for those purchasing 10 items or more).

Essential information

  • All sales are strictly cash only.
  • Please check your kits for completeness before you get to Telford. Kits found to be faulty will be returned to you.  Any deficiencies are to be clearly stated on the item label.
  • No high value collectors’ items, please.
  • All sales are covered by the Consumer Protection Act (2015) which states that faulty items can be exchanged for up to 30 days after the item has been purchased.
  • Be realistic in how you price your items.
  • In all cases, prices need to be in whole £s or multiples of 50p to make things easier for the cashiers and to save us needing huge amounts of loose change.
  • The Society will deduct 10% from your total sales to cover the cost of hiring the room, the additional tables and TIC Security Staff.
  • The sales sheet for booking your items into the Kit Swap is available either as:
    • MS Word Form (type directly into the grey boxes)
    • PDF file that you can download and print
  • The maximum number of sales is 154 items.
  • Please do not alter the sales sheet by using a larger font, etc. and causing the sheets to shift. The grey box at the bottom of each sheet must appear on the sheet to which it refers to.  Again this is purely for accounting purposes and audit by the Society’s accountants.
  • The “Name”, “Contact Number” and “IPMS number” blocks are there purely for IPMS to identify your items for sale or to contact you if we need to (e.g. to return left over kits, etc.). You’ll need to write these in on every sheet that you use.  The Contact Number is there for me to be able to remind you to collect your payout on Sunday afternoon should I need to, as in the past people have either failed or left it until very late on Sunday to settle their payout.
  • Your sales must be listed on one of our sheets as the Society has to pay VAT on the commission we deduct from your sales total.
  • Please note all discrepancies and issues must be resolved with me immediately after the payout on late Sunday afternoon.
  • For each of your items, please attach a white sticky label to your item and write on it your IPMS number and the unique number from the sales sheet that corresponds to it (each item must have a unique number – we can’t sell it without one, e.g. 1234/27, where 1234 is your IPMS number and 27 is item 27 from the sales sheet)
  • The price of the item must be the same on both the sales sheet and the item label.
  • If your item is boxed, seal it with sticky tape and attach the label to the end flap, so potential buyers can see it when they’re browsing the stacks of kits on the tables.
  • Overseas members. To avoid confusion with the IPMS (UK) sellers, please identify yourself as either an overseas member or by your IPMS Branch on both your sales sheet and each item label (see the examples below).  Please try to avoid using the continental 1 & 7.
  • There will be tables at the Kit Swap entrance where donations of old magazines, and other modelling items (Give an Old Model a New Home), can be recycled in aid of donations for Marie Curie Cancer Care (, and I would welcome any contributions to support this.
  • The IPMS Treasurer requires all the sales sheets for accounting purposes and they will be passed to him for safe keeping once I’ve ratified my accounts after the Show.
  • If you’re only going to be at Telford for part of the weekend, then you’ll need to negotiate with me on your payout and the collection of your unsold stuff.

Sample Labels


Friday 8th November1500 – 1830Booking in
Saturday 9th November0830 – 0915Booking in via temporary facility sited in the Main Concourse.
0930 – 1300Open to IPMS members only & booking in for late arrivals.
1300 – 1730Open to all visitors
Sunday 10th November0845 – 0920LIMITED SERVICE for a maximum of 10 sellers to amend their prices
0930 – 1050Open to IPMS members only
1050 – 1105CLOSED (to observe the 2 minutes silence)
1105 – 1230Open to all visitors
1230 – 1300CLOSED
1300 – 1500Sellers payout
1500 – 1530Sellers to resolve any issues


Contact the Kit Swap Manager by clicking here to go to the Contact Us form, and selecting “Kit Swap Manager” in the Send To box.

Volunteers Needed

The Kit Swap cannot run effectively without the help of willing volunteers.  If you’d like to be part of the Team, then please volunteer via myself or the UKLO, John White.  Click  here to go to the Contact Us form, and select either “UK Liaison Officer” or “Kit Swap Manager” in the Send To box.


Sorry to have gone on at length, but each year the Kit Swap throws up ever more challenges with unique interpretations of the above.  Hopefully, I’ve covered everything, and if you’ve read this far – thank you.

Regards, Alfie Bass

Kit Swap Manager