SMW Forms

This page lists all the various forms and documents to do with Scale ModelWorld.   Click any of the links below to open the document in a new tab.  Please note any of these items can be subject to change without notice.

Trader Booking 2018

  • The booking Terms and Conditions are available to download here (PDF file)
  • The Data Privacy Notice for traders is available to download  here (PDF file)
  • The Trader Booking Form is available to download here (Microsoft Word .DOC file)

Overseas Clubs Booking 2018

  • This is for overseas clubs who wish to exhibit
  • If you are an non-UK trader, please book using the trader booking form
  • The overseas club booking form is available here

Health and Safety

IMPORTANT: all IPMS Members attending Scale ModelWorld, and all Traders and other exhibitors should familiarise themselves with this briefing

  • The Health & Safety Briefing 2017 is available here

Competition 2018

  • View the 2018 Competition Classes and Trophies here (PDF opens or downloads in separate tab)
  • View the 2018 Competition Rules and Definitions here (PDF opens or downloads in separate tab)

The following documents will be made available from 1st August 2018:

  • 2018 Competition Entry form online
  • 2018 Competition Entry form as a PDF
  • 2018 Competition Entry form as a DOC

Please do not use previous years’ documents; they change from year to year.

Kit Swap 2018

The sales sheet for the Scale ModelWorld 2018 Kit Swap will be made available during 2018, in either Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Admission Arrangements 2018

To give an idea of the arrangements for getting into Scale ModelWorld, the 2017 document is available here.  Please note this may well change for 2018.

Timetable 2017

To give an idea of the timetable for Scale ModelWorld 2018 the 2017 timetable is available as a PDF herePlease note these timings are almost bound to change.

Annual Dinner 2018

The 2018 menu and booking information will be made available nearer the event.

Branch And SIG Leaders’ Briefing 2018

To give an idea of the of the briefing document for Branch Secretaries and SIG Leaders, with important information for IPMS members, the 2017 edition is here.   Please note this is bound to change in some ways for 2018.

Risk Assessment Template for Branches and SIGs

A generic form of Risk Assessment which can be edited to suit.   It covers all the basics and just needs a Branch or SIG name adding along with a date.  If your Branch or SIG has any extra risks that you feel should be mentioned then they can be added at the end of the form.  Please note it is a Branch or SIG responsibility to perform a proper risk assessment; simply “tick boxing” the template form is not sufficient.  Click here to download the template form.