Swords to Ploughshears (Frituur Zorro)

The SIG will be based on the spirit of the Frituur Zorro books published by Narwhal who have given full permission to use the name and have supplied a copy of the logo with again full permission to use. For those not familiar with the books they are mainly photographic references regarding military vehicles re-used in a civilian role mainly of World War 2 vehicles of all nations involved. The author of these books has agreed to make available PDF resources of the books that are no longer in print to SIG members as he is a modeller himself and is very keen to promote the hobby. Second use of military vehicles covers a huge area ranging from the mobile chip shop (based on an Austin K2 that the books are named after) through forestry, recovery, showman's, heavy haulage and emergency vehicles up to public transport vehicles (London DUKW Tours, Philippians Jeep Taxis even Hunstanton's "Wash Monster") and as the last proves is still ongoing today. Sometimes it's little which alters the base vehicle massively. Tracked and semi-tracked vehicles are also often reused as are boats and ships, the well known Calypso was in fact a mine sweeper before it became a diving support and research ship also many small air freight services were formed using Dakotas amongst other aircraft. There are many other reference works available apart from the books the SIG is named after my main interest in land vehicles so I can mainly quote those covering this subject which I have and am happy to share research from such as volumes on recovery vehicles, showman's, forest fire fighting, and heavy

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