Ships,Submarines and Naval Air Power in 1/350 scale (SSNAP)

Ships, Submarines and Naval Airpower is an IPMS UK Special Interest Group which is formed around 1/350 Ships, Submarines and Aircraft.

It was formed in late 2022 as a home for 1/350 modellers in the UK IPMS network. If you have a passion for all things naval and 1/350 then this is the group for you. We plan to have a wide variety on display at our table from 15th century warships to the latest modern carriers. We're actively looking for new members to join the SIG to give us broad coverage across the UK.

If you wish to join the SIG please click the link below to join the SIG facebook group:"

SIG Leader
Benedetto De Vizio
SMW No. of 6 foot frontage units (double-depth tables)