New Trophies at Scale ModelWorld 2015

Scale ModelWorld 2015 is still some months away but we are pleased to announce some new Trophies for the Competition.

Westland Aircraft 100th Anniversary Trophy
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Westland’s at Yeovil in 2015, the manufacturers are kindly offering a trophy for this year. The winning models (First, Second and Third places) will be displayed at their headquarters in Yeovil for the anniversary year. As part of the arrangement, Westlands are prepared to offer assistance to potential model builders in helping to research their chosen project by providing information from their company archives (with the obvious proviso that they can’t guarantee to have that something specific in those archives).

Susan and Steven Meadowcroft Memorial Trophy
The second new trophy for this year (and we hope for future years too) is for the civilian vehicle enthusiasts. The trophy will awarded to the best civilian vehicle from the 1950s. Susan and Steven passed away recently and as a fitting tribute to them, we hope that the award will inspire competitors to build civilian vehicles from this classic era of car design.

IPMS Ireland Award
Our friends from across the Irish Sea have kindly offered to sponsor a trophy for the best model of an Irish subject or with an Irish connection, any scale, any type. IPMS Ireland have specified that this Trophy can only be entered by modellers who are not themselves Irish the award will be given to a non Irish competitor. The entry card will need to specify the connection to Ireland in order to assist the judges in their choice. This is another great IPMS trophy and one that we hope will continue for many years.

Harry Frazer Mitchell Memorial Award & Handley Page Association Trophy
We have for many years awarded a Handley Page Trophy, sponsored by the Handley Page Society. Sadly, Harry Frazer Mitchell, the long term organiser behind the trophy passed away recently and in recognition for his support over the years, we have been asked to rename the Trophy to reflect Harry’s legacy.

In a slight change to the award criteria, the Trophy will be awarded to the best model of a Handley Page designed aircraft in any scale or a BAe System Hawk in any scale.

Harry was a champion of all Hadley Page designs and worked for the company right up until they finally ceased to build aeroplanes. He went onto help design the BAe Systems Hawk. Harry was a great champion for scale models and would help and inspire any modeller who wanted to build any of these designs. A new trophy will be awarded for this year and for subsequent years.

These new trophies will be added to a wide range of existing awards that are hotly contested every year at Scale ModelWorld. The enthusiasm of individuals and groups to bring forward trophies for our annual contest is a great advert for the popularity and reputation of the event and we thank all the sponsors for their continued support.

More details of the Competition and any new Trophies will be announced over the coming months.
Happy modelling
Tony Horton
IPMS (UK) Competition Secretary

Late Arrival of IPMS Magazine

Members will have noticed that the Scale ModelWorld Special issue of the Magazine (6/2014) was very late in arriving on their doormats this time and some may still be waiting for it to arrive. I must apologise for this failure to meet our usual target of ensuring delivery before the Christmas break.

Due to a combination of circumstances beyond the control of Chris Ayre and myself, the final edit of the Magazine was late going to the printers (though the printing was actually completed before the Christmas break) and the firm that we use to handle Magazine sorting and packaging themselves had problems with the sub-contractors that they use for delivery. End result: the Magazines were not posted out until 30th December.

Don Carrick
IPMS (UK) Magazine Editor

Call for nominations and motions for the 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The deadline for nominations for members to serve as officers of the IPMS/directors on the Board of Directors of IPMS(UK) Limited, and for resolutions (often referred to as “motions”) to make amendments to the Club Rules, is 31st December 2014. (The date and venue of the AGM have yet to be determined, and details will be published in the Magazine in the early part of 2015.)

1. Elections/nominations for officers/directors
Each directorship is for a period of 2 years, commencing with the date they are elected by the membership at the AGM.

At the 2014 AGM most of the current postholders/directors were elected/re-elected. No nominations were received for the post of Membership Secretary, and Abbey Brewin is currently serving in the role on a co-opted basis. Jim Chapman was re-elected as Treasurer, but he announced at the AGM that he would be standing down with effect from 31st December 2014.

The following posts are due for election in 2015:
Honorary Treasurer
Membership Secretary
Branch and SIG Liaison Officer
Overseas Liaison Officer
Technical Advisory Service

Currently the Webmaster position is being covered by the Publicity Officer, John Tapsell.

So if you meet the IPMS (UK) criterion for standing (which is that you have or will have at least three years’ consecutive membership of IPMS(UK) as at the date of the AGM) would you consider standing please? If you decide to put your name forward for one of these roles, I will need a signed undertaking from you that you are prepared to serve in the role: it should also be signed by a proposer and a seconder, who must be current IPMS (UK) members. All three of you (the nominee, proposer and seconder) must quote their membership numbers on the nomination. The membership will then be presented with your nomination and be asked to vote on it at the AGM. Obviously, if there is more than one nomination for a post, then the person elected will be the one with the highest number of votes (be aware that the IPMS has a ‘negative voting’ system so election will be based on the net number of votes in favour).

I would like to make it clear that election to the Board as a company director brings with it certain legal responsibilities and obligations, so before accepting a nomination you need to make sure you understand them and are prepared to accept them: in particular, you will be asked to attend the regular Board meetings of IPMS(UK) Limited (known as ‘ordinary meetings’) which are generally held in the Midlands on Saturdays at intervals throughout the year. The Directors are legally required to convene a minimum of four such ordinary meetings per year, but more meetings can be called if the Board so requires.

2. Resolutions
Resolutions are also invited regarding changes to the Articles of Association of IPMS(UK) Ltd or to the Club Rules. Copies of the Articles and Rules were last issued to all members in April 2012. This means that members who have joined since then may not have copies, so I have asked John Tapsell to place a copy on the IPMS (UK) website. My apologies in advance; I am no IT expert and the quality of the documents is not as good as others may be able to produce. However, it is legible.
Resolutions proposing changes need to be clearly worded so as to make it obvious what the proposed change is, and a brief explanation should be given as to why you are proposing it and why you think a change is necessary. Be warned: if the explanation is lengthy then the Club Rules allow the Board to condense it!
Resolutions, as with nominations, need to be proposed and seconded by current IPMS (UK) members and both need to sign the resolution and give their membership number. It must all be in writing as I need to see the original signatures.
3. How and where to send nominations and resolutions
Unless they are handed to me in person, all nominations and resolutions need to be sent to me at my home address (see the back page of the Magazine) via the Royal Mail (copies sent by email are not acceptable and will be rejected). The nominations and resolutions must reach me by the 31st December 2014 (in accordance with the Club Rules): this is a strict requirement, so any received after that date will be rejected.

Thank you.
Mark Hill, Honorary Secretary

For further information: Club Rules April 2012.pdf

Scale ModelWorld 2014

Scale ModelWorld 2014 Coastal Salvage Vessel ‘Help’ by Barry Sharman
Scale ModelWorld is over for another year and planning has already commenced on the 2015 event (7-8 November 2015, at the Telford International Centre as usual).

The 2014 show proved to be as successful as ever, with more traders and more exhibitors than ever. Our thanks to everyone who put on displays, volunteered their services to help run the event and of course to the vast numbers of visitors who came through our doors – without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to put on such a great show.

As was to be expected, we had fewer competition entries than 2013, but the standards were as high as ever. Top honours went to Barry Sharman with his Salvage Vessel, whilst Junior Best of Show was won by Euan Angus with his Char bis tank. The competition attracted entries from 25 countries around the World.

We will be publishing a full report in the next edition of the IPMS Magazine but in the meantime we have provided a small selection of images to capture a flavour of the show.

Web link: